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Why Your Support Matters

Sometimes you hear people say, "The Church is always asking for money." But that is not true.  It is the world that is always asking for money, not the Church. When did you last go to the grocery store and the checker failed to ask you for money? Your mortgage company asks for money with unfailing regularity. If you are like most people, each month brings a new collection of bills. Are any of them from the Church? There is no free lunch---except at the Church – the Lord’s Supper!


You can attend worship every week — there is no admission charge. If you are sick, one of the clergy will visit you in the hospital. Even if you tell them your surgery is at 5:30 a.m. they are there. Where else can you get free counseling when you need it? You even ask your clergy to visit your un-churched friends in the hospital, or offer them counsel free of charge…and they do it. We are here to marry your children, and to baptize your grandchildren…even if they are not members of the Church. Several hundred people receive a newsletter each week. None receives a subscription notice "asking for money” as with other publications.


What do you do when your loved one dies? The Church and its clergy will always be there for you — even if you’ve not participated in the life of the Church for years…even if you’ve never attended because your Church believes that every single child of God is entitled to a dignified Christian burial.


The Church building will always be there when you need it — clean, heated and with kitchen and nursery provided. You make full use of it and never pay one dime. Whether you make a pledge or not, your clergy will visit you in the hospital, come to your home, counsel you when you are in need.


You have to pay taxes to provide your children "free" public education, but your Church operates a Sunday School which will give quality Christian education to children, youth, and adults with absolutely no cost or obligation. Adult forums, Bible studies, quiet days and retreats require hundreds of hours of preparation. Thousands of copies of class notes are provided free of charge. And if you cannot be present, we send them to you if you ask.


The Church requires no membership fee, no annual dues. It never sends its members a bill, only a request. Is there any other organization in the world that functions that way? I don’t know of any. You see, the truth is the Church "asks for money" LESS than anything else you can think of!


Consider this paradox. Compared to the government and the bill collectors, the Church almost NEVER asks for money. Yet of all the things your money could be used for, very few are more important than what the church provides.


The Church is here to share the love of Jesus Christ himself. Our money goes to serve Him. We will continue to provide ministry in Jesus’ name to everyone, whether they can afford to contribute or not. Isn’t that something you would like to be a part of?


350 E. Massachusetts Ave, Southern Pines, NC     eec@emmanuel-parish.org      (910) 692-3171            

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